Why Choose uS

At Pride & Pinion, we strive to match the story, style and personality of our clients to a timepiece that is both timeless and worthy of legacy. 
Unlike others in the industry, our expert team is prepared to go to immense measures to make this happen, often travelling all over the world to find the watch that meets our client's vision, budget and purpose of purchase. 
Whether it’s to invest for profit, add to a private collection or to make a strong public statement, we provide a fully tailored experience from the first phone call.

Welcome to Pride & Pinion

Service your Watch

We provide a wide range of bespoke services to fit your exact needs from buying, selling, servicing, reselling and sourcing.
Clients choose Pride & Pinion for the fully tailored experience we provide and because we deliver the best results in the industry.

You’ll find our team dependable, trustworthy and unmatched in knowledge and expertise. Our reputation is pre-eminent and we place our customer's satisfaction over profit every single time.