Nico Leonard

Nico developed his passion for watches at a young age, admiring how a watch can tell so much more than just the time he quickly found himself obsessed with horology and the watch world. His first watch was a Seiko at the age of 16 and he began to increase his collection over time before founding Watches NI in 2017.

Watches NI quickly began to grow as Nico's passion for making watches accessible to all resonated with many who may have been previously intimidated by the exclusivity of the watch world. Whilst Nico's personal favourites are the rare and vintage pieces hes a firm believer in seeing that everyone enjoys the watch they want to and that every watch is special to its owner. Unless it's a Hublot.

  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Music Edition

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold 5712/1R-001

  • Rolex Daytona Platinum

Over time Nico began to realise there was a gap in the watch world for someone to cut through all the misinformation and exclusivity of the modern watch and world and launched his YouTube channel in 2020. The channel exploded reaching 1 million subscribers in 2022 and proudly holds the spot of the largest watch channel on YouTube currently. Nico has continued to expand his online presence with a second uncut channel documenting his life as a luxury watch dealer as well as his secondary passion, cars.

In 2019 Nico rebranded Watches NI to Pride and Pinion and has continued to steadily grow the business and increase his share within the watch market. Later in the year Pride and Pinion launched their first store within The Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Offering an extensive collection of pre-owned luxury watches as well as sourcing some of the rarest and most highly-sought after timepieces has made Pride and Pinion a well respected name within the watch market. With over 20 years combined experience and our firm belief that everyone should be able to own and enjoy a watch, the business has continued to grow and in 2023 became official stockists of Casio and in 2024 welcomed a landmark partnership to become an AD for Ulysse Nardin.

Looking towards the future Nico has big plans for Pride and Pinion as well as his personal brand. Continuing to grow the business to become one of, if not the biggest dealer of not just luxury watches, but all watches that anyone can enjoy. Nico would also like to continue collaborating with more brands and fellow content creators alike to keep bringing clients the watches they want to wear, and consumers the content they want to watch.