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Book an Appointment with Pride & Pinion

Our Warranty

At Pride & Pinion, we know that peace of mind is one of the most valuable things a man can possess in this world. That's why every pre-owned watch you buy through us comes with a 2-year warranty.

24 Months

If a timepiece develops any fault outside of your own control within this 24 month period, our expert team will gladly repair it free of charge.

Brand new watches are not included in our warranty.

As they come with their own manufactures warranty. 


Warranty Terms

Our warranty covers mechanical and manufacturing issues exclusively. Accidents, normal wear-and-tear, theft, damage due to user error or water as well as watches with bespoke customisations/modifications are excluded from this warranty. When sending a watch to us for inspection we recommend delivering it in person. Should you need to send the watch via post, please ensure that it is adequately insured. As with any valuable item we recommend additional insurance for your timepiece. Our full warranty terms run alongside the manufacturer's warranty. Should you desire to read them in full please search for the specific manufacturer of your watch. 

 Please note that the Pride & Pinion warranty is in addition to your statutory and common law rights.