Watch Conditions

These are general guidelines for what to expect from the condition of your watch.


This watch has not been worn and has no signs of wear & tear. Manufacturer stickers and seals may be present.


Minimal signs of wear & tear, with only very faint handling marks to the case and bracelet, no dents. Crystal has no imperfections or chips.

Very Good

Few signs of wear & tear, with light scratches to the case and bracelet and no visible dents. Crystal has no chips, but may have a minor imperfection.


Has some age-related wear, with minor scratches or small dents to the case & strap possible. Crystal may have a small chip or imperfection.


Has significant age-related wear with obvious scratches and dents. Crystal is chipped in multiple locations and/or has other imperfections.


This watch is an older model and due to its age, work may have been carried out by previous owners.