We can evaluate almost all Luxury Watches but please be aware we need to have the watch in hand in order to authenticate it and give you a true valuation. This is a service we charge for and the Pride & Pinion sales team can not give valuations from photos or descriptions alone.
Your watch holds a lot of value, whether this be in monetary or sentimental terms. It is therefore important to understand its true value to ensure it remains protected for years to come.
There are several reasons to have your watch valued:
      • Accurate insurance
      • To learn more about its market value
      • To know what to expect if you decide to sell it
      • Simple curiosity
The value of your timepiece is influenced by multiple factors, such as condition, the presence of box and papers, market demand, rarity... the list goes on.Our team has the most thorough understanding of the industry and can accurately appraise your watch, providing an in-depth certificate of valuation. To find out more about the Pride & Pinion Valuation service, please contact the team below.

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**Please note that there is a £70.00 charge for this service**

We will need to appraise your watch in person, and cannot value watches or verify authenticity from photos alone.

Typical turnaround times are 5-7 working days