DIY: Caring for your Rolex Watch

DIY: Caring for your Rolex Watch

Designed for daily wear and built to last longer than most lifetimes, Rolex Watches are fairly low maintenance. However, like anything mechanical, the precision movement inside your timepiece will need some care and attention, to help it keep perfect time year after year. Rolex recommends servicing your watch every ten years.

For a breakdown of the full process of a mechanical watch service, please click this link.

Over time your watch will naturally gather a build-up of dirt and grime. This build-up will dull the natural shine of your Rolex, and it can also affect your watch's functionality. The debris can cause bezels to catch, chronograph pushers to stick and even cause stretch in a bracelet. A deep clean, done correctly and with care, you can keep your Rolex looking new for many years without the need for a valet/ refurb.

Divers or sea swimmers need to take extra care to remove any left-over salt, sand, or other small particles; this will help remove the abrasive fragments and prolong the life of your watch's components and surface finish. 

Cleaning your Rolex is made easier our brand new Pride & Pinion Watch Essentials Care Kit. We have collaborated with Connoisseurs, the World Leaders in Watch & Jewellery Care, to bring you the a complete watch cleaning kit.

Our Watch Cleaner comes with a soft bristle brush and the kit includes one of our Watch Polishing Cloths.

The Oyster Case

Many Rolex watches feature the water-resistant Oyster cases; 1926 marked the invention of the Rolex Oyster Watch, the world's first waterproof wristwatch and a substantial technical advancement in watchmaking. The Oyster featured a hermetically sealed case, which provided optimal protection for the movement.

As well as allowing the wearer to swim and shower with the watch on, the Oyster case also makes cleaning easy, as the waterproof case allows the watch to be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned with soap and water.

It is imperative that you screw down the crown entirely and make sure that the seals are working correctly, as water or moisture getting inside the case and into the movements can cause expensive damage.   


Please note

Also, the following cleaning instructions will work for almost all Rolex models, but the vintage and Cellini collection should be treated differently. Cellini does not feature the Oyster cases, and many older vintage models may need a reseal and pressure test before you can fully trust it is waterproof. The vintage models may even require a service or replacement of particular parts to guarantee the pressure seal is fully functioning. 

Bracelet Removal

Depending on the amount of dirt and grime build-up, it may be advisable to take the bracelet off your Rolex to allow for a deeper clean. It will give you access to the area between the lugs on the case and the inner surface of the bracelet end links.

It is important to note that even with the bracelet removed, there may still be areas of your watch that can't be accessed: for example, underneath the bezel. Although, these areas will be thoroughly cleaned during a mechanical service.


5 Easy Steps for Cleaning your Rolex Watch

This cleaning process will also work for any water-tight stainless steel watch.

Step 1

Make sure the crown is fully closed.
All modern Rolex watches offer a water resistance of at least 100 meters (330 feet), with the exception of models from the Cellini collection and some vintage models that may have lost their seal over time. However, it is crucial that you make sure the crown is in the screwed-down position before you shower, swim or dive with your watch. Also, before you attempt to clean your watch, make sure the crown is tight to guarantee that it is correctly sealed against moisture and dirt.
If you are in doubt about the seal on the Oyster case, do not risk damaging the movement, do not submerge the case or let it come into direct contact with water. Just wipe the watch case down with a dry cloth.

Step 2 

Fill a bowl with clean, warm water.
Emerge the watch and bracelet into the bowl of clean water, you could also run the watch under a low-pressure tap/ faucet. Dip the soft bristle brush in warm water. Dispense a small amount of cleanser onto the brush (pea-sized) and use the brush to work up a lather on the watch.

Step 3

Scrub your watch with a soft bristle brush.
Use an extra-soft toothbrush or the brush provided with Our Essentials Watch Care Kit. Scrub the surface of your watch with the warm soapy mixture to help remove dirt and grime; the bristles of the brush will be able to reach in the small gaps between the bracelet links, bezel and lugs. 

Step 4

Rinse with fresh water.
Once you are finished scrubbing your watch, rinse it thoroughly in fresh, clean water. Preferably under a tap or running water. It is crucial to ensure there is no soap residue or dirt particles left over.
Please note, if your Rolex is a submariner, GMT Master, Sky-Dweller or Sea-Dweller with a rotating bezel, we would recommend rotating the bezel a few times while rinsing it. This will help guarantee that all the soap residue is washed away from underneath the bezel.

Step 5

Dry with a microfiber cloth.
After cleaning, it is important to dry your watch with a microfibre cloth. Make sure it is clean and dry. The microfiber will ensure that you don't disrupt the metals natural finish.
You can also wipe down your watch daily with a soft cloth for a quick and easy way to maintain shine and remove surface grime.
Our Pride & Pinion Watch Polishing Cloth, is there perfect addition to any watch collection. The white inner UlsterSoft cloth gently cleans, as it contains a unique formula of precious metal cleaning agents, while simultaneously applying an anti-tarnish barrier. The darker outer UlsterSoft cloth gently polishes and buffs to provide an unsurpassed high lustre.


How often should you clean your watch?

If you wear your watch every day, we recommend giving it a deep clean at least once a month. Most meticulous watch wearers will wipe down their watch daily to help remove excess moisture, like sweat, lotion or aftershave. This helps to ensure your timepiece will be kept in the best condition.

Polish/ Refurb

Refurbishing your Rolex will remove any deeper marks or scratches that you may have noticed while cleaning your watch. We can send your watch to our trusted Rolex refinishing specialist, click this link for more information.

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