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"Rolex Day-Date" - Rolex Book by Mondani

by Mondani

Guido Mondani Editore          
Authors: Giorgia and Guido Mondani          
Format 25,5 X 31,5 cm          
English, Italian and German edition          
280 pages       

The first publication entirely dedicated to Rolex Day-Date, Day-Date II and Day-Date 40 Known as “President’s Watch”, this Rolex has characterized and influenced the history of horology with developments and innovations during the years. 

The Day-Date is one of the world’s most famous Rolex watches; classic, beautiful, functional, useful and elegant.  With high definition unreleased images, technical details, dials variants, history and updated price of every model, this book analyses every detail of all Day-Date references from 1956 until today. With the new book “Rolex Day-Date”, the authors examine calibers, dials, cases, bracelets and many more components of every model. This book shows all dials with their variants of color (Stella dial) and material (lapis lazuli, root wood, meteorite, etc). With the “Rolex Day-Date” book, Rolex collectors, dealers and aficionados have a safe guide to know everything about Day-Date and Day-Date II 

This book also gives a chronological production table included where, with the watch case number, it is possible to trace the year of production of your Rolex.  

Every year you will receive for free an updating the updated estimates of each Rolex and the new models presented at Basel.

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