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Patek Philippe Nautilus & Aquanaut by Guido Mondani

by Mondani
The aim of Guido Mondani Editore is to provide precise and detailed information that will fully fulfil the particular inquisitiveness of Patek Philippe “lovers”.

In this new edition we will trace and illustrate the complete history of these two models with all their relevant characteristics and details, such as calibers, dials, cases and bracelets, with the aim of supplying a true guide for the many collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate their technical as well as their symbolic value.

In this edition we pay special attention to NAUTILUS and AQUANAUT models.

1976: Patek Philippe presents one of its most successful and popular watches ever: the NAUTILUS, the first sports wristwatch in stainless steel. Today it represents the symbol of Patek Philippe sports watches.

Created by Gerald Genta, the Nautilus entered the history of watchmaking as one of the most extraordinary and long-lasting designs from the second half of the 20th century.

1997: a new chapter in the history of Patek Philippe, the AQUANAUT.

With its stainless steel case, rare for a Patek Philippe, the Aquanaut projected its sports appeal but was endowed with all of the indispensable classic assets of a timepiece from the manufacturer in Geneva: precision and dependability.


Inside this publication you will find everything you could wish for on Nautilus and Aquanaut watches.

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