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FREE Worldwide Shipping on all Luxury Watches

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Casio F91W

by Casio

An icon.

A classic.

God Tier.

From Presidents to Hollywood stars, business magnates to separatists, the CASIO F-91W is undeniably a horological superstar. Designed by Ryusuke Moriai, his first for CASIO, the F-91W remains unchanged since its launch in 1991; a feat unimaginable for most ‘digital products’ manufactured today, Apple and Samsung included. The simplicity of its form no doubt accounts for its enduring popularity, as does its lethal reliability. This iconic, water-resistant watch features a digital display, 100th-second stopwatch, alarm, and a microlight; a classic timepiece is suitable for every occasion.

The watch is brand new and comes with a signed letter from yours truly, Nico Leonard.

Dial Digital Time & Date Display
Size (Case) 38.2 x 35.2 x 8.5 mm
Condition Brand New
Year 2021
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