Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why acquire a luxury watch?

Each client has their own unique interest in timepieces and motivation for investment. These are usually centred around three key elements.

  1. Investment
  2. Style
  3. Story

We have a firm grip on each of these elements and have experience delivering results based on our patron’s expectations.


Property, stocks, cryptocurrency and other forms of investment come with a wide range of fees and associated costs. As well as this, recent events have shown the risk and failures of these avenues.

Unlike other investments, the right watch can provide a pathway to make a return on investment without fees and immediate depreciation after purchase (as with high-end vehicles.)

A luxury collector’s wristwatch is one of the most valuable assets that can be converted seamlessly back into cash at any time.

Our experience and knowledge of the trade exceeds the industry standard and our history of making money through timepiece investments is both long and proven.


But not all watches are destined to go unworn in a private collection.

At Pride & Pinion, we are passionate about the impact a wristwatch can make and the impression they leave. 

Whether to express personality or to contribute to a timeless, sophisticated style, we know how to select the right watch for the wearer.

Our grasp on craft and style is paramount only to our delight in seeing the results of our work.


Wristwatches don’t just help us record and keep track of time. They also contain the history, memories, stories and legacy of those who wear them.

Pride & Pinion have access to watches that tell the tales of specific eras, significant events and noteworthy individuals.

No request is outside of our reach within in the industry… no matter how specific or unique.

In the past, we have sourced watches with an individual's birth year, exact serial number and watches that were present during a monumental event in time.

We take delight in connecting our clients with the pieces that tell a story and with watches that in turn will tell their own someday.

2. What geographic location do you serve?

We are based in Northern Ireland but have worked for clients all over the world. 

The Pride & Pinion team come from a multi-cultural background and take flights for clients on a regular basis.

We encourage clients from all geographic locations to make their requests known via our contact form.

A member of our team will get back to you promptly with more information and decision of whether or not we can be of service to you. 

3. Do Pride & Pinion watches come with a warranty?

Yes. All of our pre-owned watches come with a 12-month warranty in addition to any manufacturer coverage.

For more information read our full terms. 

4. What services does Pride & Pinion provide?

We take great pride in providing a fully tailored experience from the first phone call and delivering the best results for our clients the industry has the offer. 

Here are a few of our services:

Watch servicing

- Inspection
- Watch Making
- Polishing
- Repair & Renovation 

Other services

- Watch sourcing
- Bespoke Customisation
- Selling On Your Behalf
- Valuation Requests
- Warranty 

5. What's the best way to contact Pride & Pinion?

Please fill out a contact form with your request to set up a telephone call or in-person meeting.