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FREE Worldwide Shipping on all Luxury Watches
FREE Worldwide Shipping on all Luxury Watches

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Luch II Watch Cufflinks


Luxury mechanical cufflinks handmade from rare vintage movements. Mounted on a medium sized 20mm silver base that fits perfectly on the sleeve and displays the movements complexity clearly.

Men face a difficult problem. There are limited ways to express individuality through jewelry. We at IFLW address the problem by introducing a new way to stand out from the crowd. Our selection of watch cufflinks gives you an opportunity to add a touch of uniqueness to your outfit.

Cufflinks that house a mechanical movement represent our biggest collection. Whether vintage or modern, gold or silver, we have something that complements your style.

The cufflinks also serve as a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentine's day.

  • Hand-made in Europe with the utmost attention to quality
  • Genuine calibers previously functioning as watch movements
  • The markings on cufflinks may slightly differ, making it unique in its own way
  • Each pair of cufflinks comes in a presentation box


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