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FREE Worldwide Shipping on all Luxury Watches
FREE Worldwide Shipping on all Luxury Watches

Repairs & Services at Pride & Pinion


Repairs & Services 

At Pride & Pinion, we provide a range of services to our customers to ensure the maintenance and longevity of their timepieces.

Over time, watches can degrade and require servicing to restore their timekeeping abilities. As well as this, physical and thermal shocks, external damage, exposure to magnetic fields, moisture and other factors can interfere with functionality or prevent the watch from being worn.

Our select network of watchmakers are accredited by a myriad of luxury Swiss brands, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega and others, and can often provide a significantly shorter lead time than most jewellers, meaning less time without your watch.


Watch maintenance

Your timepiece is built to the most exacting standards. Every mechanical watch contains at least 130 parts, some of which are fractions of a millimetre thick, all perfectly aligned to achieve the delicate balancing act which makes a watch run 24 hours a day.

Just as the moving parts in a car require maintenance or replacement over time by specialist mechanics, the complex physical processes which make your watch tick continuously for years at a time will eventually result in some degree of wear and tear, requiring specific maintenance by expert watchmakers. Different manufacturers recommend different service schedules; the industry standard is 3-5 years for most brands.


The process of a mechanical service 

When a watch is entrusted to us for a service, a careful 10-step process begins. We’ve summarised these steps below: 

The strap is removed, and the case opened to provide access to the movement. Each of the movements 130+ parts are systematically removed and categorised. The case is then separated into its constituent parts. 
All components are carefully cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, using specially formulated cleaning solutions. 
Each part of the movement is inspected for wear and damage. These parts are then replaced with genuine replacement parts. 
Rebuilding the movement
The movement is methodically reassembled and lubricated using specially synthesised long-life fluids. Watchmakers use up to 50X magnification to apply these lubricants. 
Timing and calibration
Using specialist audio recording equipment, the ‘beat’ of the movement is measured against exact measurements and adjusted to ensure accuracy. 
If you choose to have your case and bracelet refurbished, specialist machines and compounds will be used to remove scratches, restore shine and reapply any finishes. 
Case reassembly
The cleaned case is reassembled, the movement fitted and reconnected to the dial and all gaskets replaced to begin the process of making the watch water resistant. 
Water resistance
The case is pressurised and vacuum sealed to complete the water resistance process. 
Using a variety of equipment, the water and shock resistance of the timepiece is assessed. Watches are then subjected to several days of testing in various positions to ensure they are keeping time and running correctly. 
Quality Control
The watch undergoes a final visual check of timekeeping and normal functioning, and the case is inspected to ensure a superb finish has been achieved. The watch is then returned to us for your collection.

How the process works

Upon receipt of your timepiece, we will securely send your watch to the appropriate expert. Due to the varying nature of necessary work, an initial assessment of the watch will be completed, and you will be provided with an estimate. With your permission, the watchmaker will then commence the complex task of repairing your watch.

Every timepiece repaired by us is covered by a 12-month warranty of the completed work, with the exception of valets and refurbishments. Should you experience issues caused by the same problem within 12 months of repair completion, we will return your watch to the watchmaker to be repaired completely free of charge.

Request a Service

Use the form below to make a Repairs and Services enquiry. A member of our team will be in contact to discuss your needs.

Please Note*

We can only repair watches within the UK & EU as our insurance does not cover the shipping of repairs outside of this area. 

Typical turnaround time for repairs is 4-6 weeks. This will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the work required.