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FREE Worldwide Shipping on all Luxury Watches
FREE Worldwide Shipping on all Luxury Watches

Our Story

Before the 19th century, time was bound to fixtures on a wall, clock faces on the side of buildings or attached to a chain and kept in a pocket.

It was exclusive, inaccessible and unable to be read by the working man.

All of this changed with the invention of the wristwatch: an icon that revolutionised time and our relationship with it. 

At Pride & Pinion, we strive to match the story, style and personality of our clients to a timepiece that is both timeless and worthy of legacy. 

The only dedicated Luxury Watch Boutique on the Island of Ireland

At Pride & Pinion, we are proud to say we are the only Boutique on the Island of Ireland who specialise exclusively in luxury watches. 

Our expert team are well-versed in every aspect of the industry, from curating our own private collections and tracking down rare pieces, to all aspects of the maintenance and care of simple and complex timepieces.

Pride & Pinion patrons range from the curious who want to start exploring the world of watches with a modest budget to celebrated, high-end, influential individuals in sport, business and culture who are prepared to tap into the full potential of the market.

What We Offer

We provide a wide range of services to fit your exact needs from buying, selling, servicing, reselling and sourcing.

Clients choose Pride & Pinion for the fully tailored experience we provide and because we actively strive to deliver the best results in the industry, and build clients for life.

You’ll find our team dependable, trustworthy and unmatched in knowledge and expertise.

How to get started

To start your journey with Pride & Pinion contact us today, book an appointment with our team or browse our collection of watches.